Thursday, January 13, 2011

Intrauterine Attempt #1

Tomorrow morning we're off to the doctor to give D's little guys some direction. When I went for my check-up yesterday, the doctor told me that I had one really good follicle that will absolutely produce one good egg. She said we'd be ready on Friday morning. D had to give me the trigger shot (obtaining the medication is a whole nother story that I'll deal with in a separate entry) at 9 pm on Wednesday.

My insurance company covers at least three intrauterine insemination attempts (IUIs). Tomorrow begins another two week wait. I should have sushi tomorrow night.

The latest worry: a friend telling me that the quality of a woman's eggs at this age can mean that if assisted fertilization and implantation actually does happen, a less-than-perfect egg can produce a child with flaws. I harbor no illusions that my possible future child will be perfect; no one is. But to intentionally create a less-than-perfect me pause. I gotta find more information about that.

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