Wednesday, November 17, 2010


A few weeks ago, I started getting a series of calls from Cigna saying that I had ordered some drugs and where did I want them delivered. I'm like: "what drugs? I didn't order drugs! Put me on your 'do not call' list." Then I find out that the drugs my doctor prescribed were supposed to be delivered to me, and Cigna was calling me to confirm delivery address and get my credit card number for the copay. Fed Ex next day delivery to my office the next day allowed me to start this course of treatment this month. Thank you Fed Ex. Except one more problem: they didn't send the pre-filled syringe of hCG that they were going to--the shot that releases the eggs. Apparently it's a controlled substance and they only fill it upon a written scrip. So I call the doctor back, and they say that Cigna is notorious for this kind of screw-up; of course they mailed the scrip. Cigna just always loses them. So I ask to speak to the doctor to see if I can figure out whether the rest of the drugs (the clomid, the ones pictured here) will boost my chances enough so that I can risk maybe not doing the shot this month, or whether the hCG shot works in tandem with the rest of the drugs such that I should fork over the $90 out-of-pocket expense. The doctor's assistant got back on the phone after about 15 minutes and said that the doctor just happened to have an extra shot in the office and they'd administer it for free. Bingo. So, off to the doctor I go again, shot in the butt, and I'm off. Doctor advised us to make love that night, and then again Friday morning. (The math is just crazy: shot releases the eggs in 40 hours; sperm lives for 72 hours; egg lives for 12-24 hours unfertilized; sperm takes 30 minutes to reach an existing egg...) Unfortunately, I was so exhausted from work and running around all week that I just could not muster the energy for seduction. Thankfully, D knew what he had to do, and while it didn't work out that night, he dutifully performed the next morning. We were prescribed one more try on Friday morning (several hours after the eggs are supposed to have been released), and I've already arranged to go into work a little late, so we're cool. Pregnancy test on December 1, and if we're not successful, we try again in December. It's super exhausting to deal with all of this, but I feel like we're taking the right steps.

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