Monday, August 16, 2010

Too Busy for a Baby

I think we might be too busy to have a baby.

This past month was a wash--after getting the HSG test, I never got an LH surge, and we actually kept waiting for the LH surge before having a really good go at it, so conception certainly wasn't going to happen from our July chance.

I got my period yesterday, which meant a whole new round of planning. And guess what? All online ovulation calendars confirm that it's likely that my next two most fertile days will be next Friday and Saturday night--the two days that D and I have planned to be apart. He's going to a frisbee tournament, and I'm going to the Catskills with some friends.

I can't cancel, because my friends (one family coming from Buffalo, the other friend coming from Boston) have all taken time off and we've been planning this for two months. D could theoretically cancel, but he hasn't offered to.

I wouldn't ask him to cancel, but there's part of me that wishes he'd think about it. It's about weighing taking every chance we have (and the first, second, and maybe third month after the HSG are more likely to be successful) against the importance of this particular frisbee tournament. He used the excuse that I needed him home for babymaking to get out of a tournament he DIDN'T want to go to--even though babymaking was not on the agenda that weekend. that it should be....

Now, the other possibility is that my LH surge comes two- to three- days later than the ovulation calendar predicted: which was the case during the two months that the ovulation tests actually worked. So if he did cancel the frisbee trip, and the LH surge didn't come until three days later, I would feel terrible. Sometimes I wish he were the kind of guy who would drop everything and come running the minute the test strip showed a surge....The place in the Catskills is three hours from Philadelphia, so maybe I can convince him to either come with me on Friday and leave from the Catskills on Saturday morning, or come back early from the tournament if the surge says: "go!"

That said, the last thing I want to do is be seen as a ball & chain.

I haven't even asked him yet. Let's see what he says.

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