Friday, June 18, 2010

Bugaboos and Hummers

Have you ever tried to get around one of these things in a small cafe in New York? Sheesh! I was having breakfast a nice little place called Perch in Park Slope yesterday with a friend who has a two year old, and we had such a funny experience. Perch sponsors a kids' sing-a-long every morning at ten, so around 9:50, the kids with their nannies or moms started pouring in, each with a different kind of stroller. My friend was pointing out the McClaren's and the Bugaboos . . . and she and the restaurant owner (who has two kids of her own) were saying that the Bugaboos were like the "Hummer" of the strollers, kind of an unnecessary status symbol. Well, this one power-mommy (aerobics outfit, visor, armed with a backpack that looked like she was going to war) overheard and piped up in a very defensive and angry tone: "The Bugaboos are the best strollers out there, hands down." Yikes. If looks could kill.

Anyway, I have a theory that childhood obesity is related to these little mini-wheelchairs for kids who can actually walk. I say: if you can walk, you walk. If you need to be carried, well, let Daddy carry you. : )

If we're blessed to have a child, I wonder if I'll look back and say: "I can't believe I said that about the bugaboos! They really ARE the best strollers!" And I have to say, even in searching for a picture of the double wide Bugaboo for this post, I found a cute little frog Bugaboo with three wheels--which is the only kind of stroller I think I would want.

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