Saturday, February 27, 2010

Maybe Baby?

I bought this book several years ago when D and I first started to get serious about our relationship. I had long been ambivalent about having children, and I couldn't find any writing that spoke to BOTH sides of the question. Everyone I knew said that having a child was the best decision of their lives, that they would never regret it, and that, in fact, no one regrets it once they have the child. That didn't answer the question for me of whether one NECESSARILY regrets NOT having a child. Sure, there are tons of women out there regretting not having a child, but how do you know whether you might be one of those who was better off not having one? I remember liking the book, but since I was reading it at a different time in my life, I feel like I want to read it again. Anne Lamott, a witty and thoughtful self-help writer, does the foreward.

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